ECOLNR System – Recyclable Insulated Bag



The ecoLNR thermally insulates and protects both warm and cool items, making it the ideal packaging material for food retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and a wide range of other sectors.

The ecoLNR system is a full kerbside recyclable insulated paper bag that has been designed to simply pop up into a box-shaped liner.
Validated for 48 hours below +8°C and for 24 hours below +5°C when used with coolants.

It is already being used by one of the leading global meal kit delivery providers, who rely on the ecoINS to keep its contents fresh.


Product Code

  • Length 260mm
  • Width 170mm
  • Height 295mm
  • MOQ – 560


Product Code

  • Length 295mm
  • Width 280mm
  • Height 192mm
  • MOQ – 400


Product Code

  • Length 390mm
  • Width 186mm
  • Height 286mm
  • MOQ – 400

Like the ecoMLR, it has various stock sizes available and can be disposed of in household paper recycling.

It’s manufactured here in the UK, which means it can be quickly delivered and integrated into retailers’ fulfilment operations, and its carbon footprint is even smaller than other solutions imported from overseas.

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