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Box Solutions

Start with the board grade.

With decades of experience behind us, our team will advise the best material to use and the most efficient design.


Work out the dimensions

We’ll measure up your product and factor in the protection required to present you with the size of box which will work for you. We’ll provide a sample to make double sure.

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Box Packaging Solutions

Add some personality

Why not add your message and maximise the doorstep appeal with a bespoke print? We can help with your design and produce the artwork.


Clingfoil Boxes

Crash-lock boxes

To maximise efficiency and packing speed you may consider our range of crash-lock boxes which don’t even need to be taped.

Diecut boxes clingfoil

Box Packaging Solutions

Die-cut boxes

Maximise the protection and reduce waste by letting Clingfoil design a bespoke die-cut box for your product.

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