EverGreen Tape

A new generation of EverGreen Tape is strong, eco-friendly adhesive tape.
A clear tape when applied with a green tint.

Eco Product Eco Products


100% Recyclable Solvent free Ever Green tape

New generation strong, eco-friendly adhesive tape

  • Available in hand rolls or machine rolls
  • Recyclable in a self-adhesive polypropylene
  • Performs well in temperatures close to 0°C
  • Easily applied with or without a tape dispenser
  • 990m machine rolls are now available
Eco Product Eco Products

Eco Product

Clingfoil is embracing principles of the circular economy, which aims to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency by designing products that can be reused, repaired, remanufactured, and recycled.

By committing to sourcing recyclable products and providing customers with tools for effective recycling, Clingfoil is aligning with the circular economy model.

In the circular economy, companies like Clingfoil focus on reducing the use of virgin resources, extending the lifespan of products, and closing the loop on material flows. This involves not only designing products with recyclability in mind but also ensuring that those products are actually recycled at the end of their life. Additionally, it may involve exploring alternative materials or processes that further reduce environmental impact.

By being ISO 14001:2015 compliant, we demonstrate our commitment to managing and reducing environmental impact, improving sustainability, and complying with relevant environmental regulations and requirements.



We deliver most goods throughout the North West via our fleet of vehicles. Outside of this area, we do utilise Courier and Pallet management services for next-day delivery where possible.