Optimax OM700 WAT Tape Dispenser

With the largest tape capacity in the industry, the Optimax OM700 WAT Tape Dispenser is the perfect choice for fast-paced, high-volume sealing of random-sized cartons.

Features of the Optimax OM700 WAT Tape Dispenser:

  • Ideal for high volume, fast-paced shipping environment
  • Sealing more than 100 cartons per day
  • Large tape roll capacity up to 255mm diameter and up to 80mm width
  • Large water bottle capacity up to 2L eliminating the need for frequent refilling
  • Tape compatibility: plain and reinforced, gummed side in and gummed side out
  • Tape output of 60 metres per minute
  • Safety interlock switch: disable the cutting blade when the front cover is open
  • Multi operation mode: auto mode, program mode and manual mode for maximum efficiency
  • Offer one-touch dispensing of tape lengths from 15cm to 145cm, with double 2x and manual adjustment of +- 1cm
  • Built-in 9 pin connector for Hexadecimal input from any devices, including PCs
  • Adjustable temperature of the heating unit for optimum adhesiveness in different ambient environment
  • Optional foot pedal provides hands-free versatility
  • Optional measuring device automatically calculates carton dimensions to dispense the perfect tape length.

Dimensions: 325 x 539 x 309mm (w x d x h)

Machine weight: 12kg

Tape roll capacity: Up to 80mm wide & Up to 255mm diameter

Dispensing speed: 60metres/minute

Water bottle capacity: 2 litres

Cable length: 3m

Electrical requirements: 200 -240V AC, 50/60Hz, 2A

Warranty: 2 years parts, 1 year labour



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