Polythene Bags and Grip Seal Bags

Clear stock polythene bags incorporating a re-sealable strip available in clear and also with white write-on panels.


30% Recycled & Virgin Grip Seal (Self Seal) Bags – Plain, Write-on-Panel & Heavy Duty

Grip seal bags, also known as ziplock bags, resealable bags, or zipper bags, are a type of plastic bag that features an interlocking plastic closure mechanism. This closure mechanism typically consists of two plastic tracks with interlocking grooves or ridges that create a seal when pressed together. This seal is designed to be opened and closed repeatedly, allowing for easy access to the contents of the bag while maintaining freshness and preventing spillage.

Grip seal bags come in various sizes, ranging from small bags suitable for storing food items like nuts and snacks to larger bags used for organizing and storing items such as documents, crafts, or clothing. They are commonly made from polyethylene or polypropylene, which are durable, lightweight, and resistant to moisture and punctures.



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