As a market-leading online retailer of perfumes and aftershaves, this northwest company sends out thousands of packages every day. Using a variety of packing, this company ships their products directly to customers through the post, or to distributors by palletising goods for bulk shipping.

CHALLENGE – Having seen a significant increase in sales of products that need to be shipped in boxes, the company decided to utilise the expertise of Clingfoil to streamline this part of its packing operation. They needed to reduce the time it took to pack each product to keep up with the increase in sales.

SOLUTION – Having worked with Clingfoil on other areas of their packing process, including how they cushion and protect their products during shipping using a sophisticated air cushion system, this company were already familiar with the added value that Clingfoil offer. Clingfoil’s Shelley Warrington had developed an effective partnership with the company over many years of working closely on numerous projects. Her expertise in boxes in particular made her the ideal consultant for this project.

Improved Packing Efficiency Through Box Design – Shelley immediately identified ways to not only improve the speed of the packing process but also significantly the presentation of the packages, enhancing the customer experience. By designing a box that incorporated features such as a crash lock bottom and a self-sealing lid, the need to use tape was eliminated. This made the packing process much quicker, and by removing the packing tape from the process, packing costs were reduced.

Operational Ease with Supplier Partnership – Clingfoil has taken control of the stock management. With the company using in excess of 1.1 million boxes a year, by handing over the stock and supply of the boxes to Clingfoil, the company can focus on other areas of the operation.

Cost Savings – By reducing the packaging needed to effectively protect the products during shipping, and reducing the time to pack each package, Clingfoil were able to make the process more cost effective, improving presentation and customer experience at the same time.

Improved Packing Efficiency

Through Box Design

market-leading online retailer of perfumes and aftershaves

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Client Perfume Company
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