PP and PET Strapping

PP strapping, or polypropylene strapping, is a popular choice for various strapping applications due to its affordability and versatility. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and applications:

1. **Material Quality**: PP strapping is made from high-quality new materials, ensuring strength and reliability in securing packages and loads.

2. **Affordability**: Polypropylene is relatively cheap compared to other strapping materials, making it cost-effective for a wide range of applications.

3. **Versatility**: PP strapping can be used in numerous applications across different industries due to its flexibility and adaptability.

4. **Application Methods**:
– **Manual Application**: PP strapping can be applied manually using various methods such as:
– Metal seals: These are crimped onto the ends of the strapping to secure it in place.
– Buckles: These are used to create a loop in the strapping, which is then tightened to secure the load.
– Friction-weld or battery-powered banding tools: These tools facilitate the tensioning and sealing of the strapping without the need for additional seals or buckles.

– **Semi-Automatic Application**: In semi-automatic applications, PP strapping is applied using machines that assist in tensioning and sealing the strapping. This method is suitable for higher volume operations where manual application may be impractical.

– **Fully Automatic Application**: Fully automatic strapping machines are used for high-volume applications where efficiency and speed are essential. These machines can apply PP strapping to packages and loads with minimal human intervention.

PP strapping’s adaptability and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for industries such as logistics, shipping, manufacturing, and warehousing, where securing packages and palletized loads is crucial for transportation and storage.

PP Strapping

Code Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (m) Colour Reel Type
SGP001438 12 0.68 1500 Black Plastic
SGP001439 12 0.8 1000 Black Plastic
SGP001441 12 0.9 1000 Blue Plastic
SGP001442 12 0.9 1000 Black Plastic



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