PaperJet® the speediest paper padding system

Innovative patented cutting technology make the PaperJet® the speediest paper padding system on the market and, consequently, particular suitable for professional consignors dealing with regular shipping volumes involving major package quantities.

PaperJet® can be easily integrated, thanks to its compact design. It saves storage space and packaging costs and is easy to operate. A variety of integration options including stand height adjustment, under table solutions or transfer systems for producing paper padding enable perfect adaptation to the desired packaging process and on-site space conditions. Loading intervals for the eco-friendly padding paper are reduced to a minimum and particularly easy, as the PaperJet® can be equipped with a continuous pallet of ComPackt® fanfold paper. The robust paper padding is ideally suitable for packaging of bulky, sharp-edged or heavy shipping goods.

The PaperJet® is used in almost every sector, including the following:

e-commerce & mail order
• Logistics sector (central warehouses)
• Automotive industry (spare parts, tools)
• Mechanical engineering
• Electronics
• Toy industry
• and many more

compackt paper for PaperJet®


Machine & consumable material from a single source: ComPackt® paper

  • 70, 90 or 120 g/m²
  • Single or two ply
  • Standard paper or XtraStrong
  • Continuous pallet, stack or package on pallet
  • Available on the roll on request
  • 100 % recycled / Blue Angel / Made in Germany

Other paper types available on request

Technical data

Length: approx. 1,110 mm

Width: approx. 755 mm

Height: approx. 280 mm

Weight: approx. 55 kg

Feed: 1.2 m/s, up to 200 cushioning layers/min.

Discharge height: Variably adjustable

Noise level: < 70 dB (A)

Frame variants: ComPackt®- and EUPAL frame

Accessories: ComPackt® Lifter, ComPackt® Carrier, Stabilizer, Wheel

PaperJet® paper

Grammage: 70, 90 or 125 g/m2

Qualities: single or double layers

Basis: 100% recycled paper

Delivery unit: ComPackt® paper in packages or as an endless pallet

Environmental certificate: Blue Angel

Country of manufacture

Paper/Machine: Germany

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