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We now carry a HUGE range of stock boxes in both single wall and double wall options in the 125T/T 0201 style.

Single wall and double wall cardboard boxes are two common types of packaging materials used for shipping and storing various products. They are made from corrugated cardboard, which is a strong and lightweight material consisting of three layers: an inner liner, an outer liner, and a fluted corrugated medium sandwiched between them.

1. Single Wall Cardboard Boxes:
Single wall cardboard boxes are constructed with a single layer of corrugated medium, also known as the fluting, sandwiched between two layers of linerboard. The linerboard is the flat, smooth paperboard that forms the outer and inner surfaces of the box. The fluting provides strength and durability to the box.

These boxes are commonly used for lightweight or moderately heavy items and offer basic protection during transportation and storage. They are suitable for shipping smaller, less fragile items, such as books, clothing, and some electronic devices.

2. Double Wall Cardboard Boxes:
Double wall cardboard boxes, as the name suggests, are constructed with two layers of corrugated medium (fluting) with three layers of linerboard. The additional layer of corrugated medium and linerboard enhances the strength and durability of the box, making it capable of carrying heavier and more delicate items.

The two layers of corrugated medium provide better cushioning and protection against external impacts, reducing the risk of damage during transit. Double wall boxes are ideal for shipping larger and heavier items, fragile products, or when added protection is needed for the contents.

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The key difference between single wall and double wall cardboard boxes lies in their strength and load-bearing capacity. Double wall boxes offer better protection and durability due to the extra layer of corrugated medium and linerboard. As a result, they can handle heavier weights and provide enhanced cushioning for fragile items compared to single wall boxes.

When to use each type:
– Single wall cardboard boxes are suitable for lightweight or moderately heavy items with lower fragility. They are cost-effective and are commonly used for standard shipping applications.
– Double wall cardboard boxes are recommended for heavier, fragile, or high-value items that require extra protection during transportation or storage. They provide superior strength and are more resistant to crushing or damage.

Choosing between single wall and double wall cardboard boxes from our stock box range will depend on the specific needs of the items being shipped, the level of protection required, and the budget considerations. If in doubt, it’s often safer to opt for double wall boxes to ensure the contents arrive at their destination safely. Our stock box range has plenty to offer.

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