Mini Wrap Reels

Mini Wrap Reels with (optional) dispenser handle

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Mini roll pallet wrap, also known as stretch film or stretch wrap, is a type of packaging material used to secure and protect items on pallets during transportation and storage. It is typically available in smaller-sized rolls compared to standard pallet wrap rolls, making it more convenient for smaller packaging operations or applications where a large amount of film is not required.

Mini roll pallet wrap is applied using either a handheld dispenser (optional extra) or manually by hand. It is stretched around the contents, providing stability and protection against shifting, dust, and moisture during transit and storage.

Mini roll pallet wrap can be used for a variety of packaging applications beyond pallet wrapping. It is often used to bundle smaller items together, wrap fragile or irregularly shaped objects, or secure items on display shelves.

  • 100mm x 150m CAST 30% RECYCLED CLEAR MINI WRAP
  • 100mm x 150m 17mu BLACK CAST MINI WRAP (40’S)
  • 100mm x 150M 17mu 30% RECYCLED CLEAR CAST MINI WRAP (40’s)

Mini wrap reels are a cost-effective packaging solution, especially for smaller-scale operations or occasional use. It allows businesses to purchase only the amount of film they need, reducing waste and storage requirements.

Overall, mini roll pallet wrap offers a practical and versatile solution for securing and protecting items during packaging, transportation, and storage, especially in smaller-scale operations or when a smaller amount of film is required.



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