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Clingfoil Save Chemicals Company £20,000 Per Year


Companies making chemicals for consumer markets work to the highest safety and quality standards and the packaging of those products for transportation and distribution is a vital part of production. However, as an indirect or ‘soft’ cost not usually included within a bill of materials, consumable packaging is not an area most manufacturing operations want to devote much time or attention to – preferring to focus their energy on product manufacturing.

CHALLENGE - The Supply Chain Director at a leading consumer chemicals manufacturer wanted to consolidate its consumable packaging supplies with a provider he could trust to price products fairly. He also wanted to reduce the amount of time his staff spent checking and ordering stock. Following a bench-marking exercise and several face-to-face meetings, he chose to trust in packaging experts Clingfoil.


STOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Clingfoil was alone in offering an innovative ‘stock and serve’ service whereby a member of its sales team visits the company’s manufacturing operation every week, checks its inventory of consumable packaging products, generates an invoice for products needed and supplies them to site.

The main benefit of this flexible and innovative stock management system is that chemicals company staff can now concentrate on manufacturing without the distraction of having to manage consumable packaging stock levels or, worse, having to stop production altogether.

“When we are manufacturing, the last thing we want to think about is whether or not we have enough stock to package it up before it leaves our premises. But the reality is that running out of something as simple as packing tape can bring a sophisticated chemical manufacturing process like ours to a halt. With Clingfoil now managing our consumable packaging inventory we don’t have to worry about that happening.” - Supply Chain Director at a leading consumer chemicals manufacturer

PALLET WRAPPING SOLUTION Clingfoil also recommended replacing the existing practice of hand wrapping pallets with an automated pallet wrapping machine. The change has meant: • A significant reduction in the amount of time staff spend wrapping pallets • A financial saving of £20,000 per year in stretch wrap costs alone

Clingfoil has now worked with the consumer chemicals company for more than seven years and is considered an integral and invaluable part of its manufacturing operation.

“We trust Clingfoil completely to manage all our consumable packaging requirements. They understand packaging, they understand our needs and they are unique in offering both product and service innovation.” - Supply Chain Director at a leading consumer chemicals manufacturer


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