Today we are not only shredding paper but, almost anything!

Box shredding (or cardboard shredding) your waste reduces your carbon-footprint on the environment, protects you from identity theft and increases the re-use of your materials. Did you know you can recycle cardboard up to 5 times before the fibres become too short, this can then be used as compost The UK produces over 8 million tonnes of cardboard every year. We could save a lot of trees!

Box Shredding

A business striving for the ultimate eco-friendly workplace, should consider purchasing a Optimax shredder! Owning a box shredder demonstrates ecological mindfulness and responsibilities, empowering you to proudly present your green certifications, adding credit to your company.

By utilising a cardboard box shredder, you will have the capacity to re-use your cardboard waste as void fill. This not only eradicates the expense of purchasing void fill materials, but additionally the expense of waste disposal.

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"In short, cardboard shredders are an economical option going forward for a range of industries."

Cardboard Shredding

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