Eco-Friendly, Compostable Packaging

Air cushions made from Storopack’s AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable film demonstrate that environmentally conscious packaging is possible by fulfilling the definitions of bioplastic: they are partly bio-based and compostable. The film consists partly of the renewable resource starch. Air cushions made of this organic film boast outstanding packaging characteristics and are ideal for protecting light to medium weight products in boxes during transport.

HOW TO DISPOSE AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable

The film can simply be disposed of in home compost in the backyard, where it’s completely broken down by microorganisms, helping to close the natural cycle. Alternatively, there are also different end-of-life scenarios:

It can be disposed of in the bin for organic waste for the purpose of industrial composting in many countries and regions. However, the disposal depends on the regulations and standards in the different areas and municipalities and are in some cases still in development.

The film is certified by TÜV Austria for home composting. End consumers can simply dispose of the air cushions alongside organic waste on home compost heaps. The microculture of the compost fully converts the organic film into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, thus reducing plastic waste by closing the natural cycle.


  • The film is certified by TÜV Austria for home composting
  • Complete degradation in private or industrial composting systems into natural, non-toxic resources
  • A reduction in the volume of plastic waste generated
  • Much shorter life (1 year on a compost) compared to products made from non-compostable plastic
  • Partly processed from renewable resources, contributing to the Circular Economy
  • Reliable protection for light to medium weight products
  • Biomass is safe for plants and worms
  • Compatible with all AIRplus® machines that process Void film