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Clingfoil are Fully Powered

Clingfoil sales team go Electric

Clingfoil – fully powered!

Clingfoil is more than pleased to announce that we have big things in store for the year 2022 and beyond. We’re a renowned company that serves as a source of first-class packaging products of many varieties.

It doesn’t matter you’re in need of sturdy pallet wrap, tape, boxes or void-fill. You can count on us to supply a quality product at the great price. We accommodate the packaging & machinery requirements of customers all throughout the Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire regions and beyond.

If you’re trying to find a trusted packaging supplier that’s all about solid collaborations, that’s us. We pay close attention to our customers’ wishes and aims at all times. We’re fully devoted to doing positive things for the environment. That’s part of the reason that we present our customers with eco-friendly packages and options.

We consistently update and enhance our products as a means of making them better for the world and upcoming generations.

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How does this approach tie in with 2022? Our hard-working sales team is going to be taking the electric path from here on. That means that we’re going to be zeroing in on the electric vehicle realm. Following government advise, we’re all going to be saying farewell to new petrol and diesel vehicles once 2030 rolls around. But we thought that we would lead the way. This is the precisely the thing that prompted us to begin transferring our sales team to the use of electric vehicles in 2022.

Since Clingfoil is moving into the electric vehicle world via our sales team, we’re going to be doing our part in paving the way for an environment that’s a lot cleaner and fresher. It confirms that Clingfoil is dedicated to decreasing emissions.

Are you looking for a packaging supplier that cares about the environment? Contact the courteous and knowledgeable Clingfoil staff today.

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