Greenstretch® Film an eco-friendly superior 10-micron

Greenstretch® film an eco-friendly superior 10-micron film

GreenStretch Film Pallet Wrap

Introducing… Greenstretch® film is an eco-friendly and more sustainable alternative to your current stretch film. 

We are excited to launch a superior 10-micron film, containing up to 30% recycled material. By using recycled plastic in production, we reduce the use of primary raw materials, so the film is produced in compliance with the principles of circular economy. The carbon footprint is reduced further as the film is fully recyclable after use. 

As well as offering ecological benefits, the film has a high holding force and puncture resistance keeping the film’s stretch rate and strength at optimum levels. 

30% recycled content means there’s no plastic tax to pay, plus the option to bulk pack minimises cardboard waste and increases environmental benefits even further.

Green Stretch Specification

  • Core ID                 38.1mm 
  • Core length          580mm 
  • Net weight (kg)   1.105KGS  
  • Core weight (kg) 214 grams 
  • Pack type             BOXED, 10 PER BOX 
  • Rolls per pallet    300 ROLLS 
GREENSTRETCH FILM - A more sustainable alternative to your current stretch film.

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